Tile Roofing

Roof tiles come in all shapes and sizes, from sleek contemporary  and flat, to the more traditional and classic. Tiles can come in various colours to mix and match a colour to suite your house. Tiles are predominantly made from clay, concrete or slate. Ask us for more information.




Terracotta Roof Tile: Flat Profile

Contemporary design fuses with enduring quality in Boral's Terracotta Shingle™. Featuring a slim flat profile, the clean lines of Shingle tiles represent an understated appeal that adds value across diverse architectural styles. With its range of carefully selected colours, there's no longer a reason to compromise on material to achieve streamlined roofs of lasting beauty.

Terracotta Roof Tile: Shaped Profile

A long-serving perfect match with classically beautiful architecture, today the curved profile of Boral's Shaped Terracotta tiles introduce a much-desired texture and warmth to modern living. Express your individuality through alluring curves that are as protective as they are striking.

Concrete Roof Tile: Flat Profile

Flat concrete roof tiles offer a crisp, clean appearance that perfectly complements both traditional and modern homes. Available in a range of profiles and assortment.

Concrete Roof Tile: Shaped Profile

Whether building a new home, extending or re-roofing, don't look past Boral's shaped concrete roof tiles. Our extensive range provides oustanding affordability with proven performance.